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Searching for a Cookie

Digital human Circus at your voting fingertips...


This is your chance to interact and invent a new Alice In Wonderland Adventure ‘live’ with a professional circus. Searching for a Cookie is open to all the family, an opportunity of a glimpse behind the scenes of Circus life in ‘story producing’


Episode 1 is a updated new date:

There are 14 episodes, and depending upon your choices in endings and individual story character developments, they vary in length.

Trailer: A Sneaky peak...

What is so special -what do you do?

This is a true digital first. The aim is for you, the audience, to interact and inspire new storylines. Imagine a live game show, where you vote in live time, and build the suggestions up, to inspire the circus director and artists on new twists and journey's.

If you have a ‘strike of imagination’ after watching an episode, you have a number of days to put your idea to the team.

Each episode is recorded, all the additional creative ideas from you are collated as a portfolio of design, alongside the Everyone’s A… Vaudeville learning resources. You are able to collect the full set and keep them.

Where is this recorded?

Searching for a Cookie is recorded in Ukraine, and broadcast through Oeuvre A Participatory Services Ltd -Live steam and Downloading platforms.

You will be able to access the site from a unique code, and reserve to watch and comment at a later date, if under time zones you are unable to be present.

Who are Jin Roh Circus?

A professional touring human circus, an award winning circus team, who create story show’s for everyone to enjoy. They own a Circus Training Academy, the 3rd largest in Europe and you may have seen them perform on various stages around the world.

How much?

£5.00 Per episode **

EU 5.00 Per episode**

Donate Your choice of ‘alternative’ offering


Where does my money go?

There are administration fee’s and there is a donation option. These create a reserve fund, to ensure ‘the show goes on’. In these uncertain times, where spaces around the world are not open to rehearsals, performances or specialist equipment, and the new covid 19 regimes of cleaning and safety.

A % of each digital ticket, and/or your own donation is gathered into production, artistic and publishing services to support the next episode. We provide a public summary of account after each episode so you are very aware where your ticket and/or donation has been put to use in costume, recording, props, marketing, training and more..

**Special offers

Oeuvre A Participatory Service Ltd and Jin Roh Circus, are exceptionally aware everyone looks for ‘value for money’ and to have unique experiences, open access in circus arts for everyone, is exceptionally rare.

We are offering all schools and circus professionals a % discount. This is open to local state and private sector schools from 0-19 years, circus training schools, and teachers/coaches of Circus, Performing Arts, PE and Dance.

Please email us for the discount code:

We will require your school name & address. This is to ensure all your parents and students reap the discount benefits.

We created an 'Fb' community..

To access the event, all ticket holders are invited by email to the private ‘Searching for a Cookie Facebook Group’. We ask in advance if you wish for you name, images, videos and comments to be seen by others. If a school, we send out a safe guarding permission form, this includes being able to say thank you to your twitter, Facebook, Instagram pages, and share your students creations.

If you and/or your school request to purchase the full series, and/or the Everyone's A.. accompanying resources. You receive in pdf, a certificate, a signed photograph of the Circus cast and personalised letter of thank you, accompanied with a feedback reflection form for us, to strive forward.

More news coming soon..

Message us for further updates..

Email: ** Reference: Searching for a Cookie

Facebook: @oeuvreservice

Twitter: @oeuvreservice

Instagram: @oeuvrepservice

Sponsorship: Email Kirstin Oliver at and/or

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