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Invent with us a new Alice In Wonderland Adventure.

Episode 1 is on 26th June, 7.30pm. This is a unique twist to the traditional story of Alice, through a adaptation by a human circus, and where you the audience influences the storyline.

What is so special?

This is a digital first. The aim is for you, the audience, to interact and Inspire new storylines, and vote in live time, new twists and journey's for all the characters of our beloved characters within Alice in Wonderland.

How is this possible?

Tickets on offer:

School discounts and a little way in saying Thank you.

There are school discounts if 5+ students from the same school.

Please email for the discount code and/or request the parent to reference the school they are applying from. After each episode, we contact the school and the Head of department, to inform you what the students/parents have learnt and explored.

We will say on social media, if allowed, mentioning your schools name, of attendance.

School teachers and parents who request and purchase the full series, and/or the Everyone's A.. accompanying resources receive a certificate, signed photograph of the Circus Cast and personalised letter of thank you, accompanied with a feedback reflection for us, to strive forward.

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