• Kirstin Oliver

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Updated: Jun 19

Oeuvre A Participatory Service Ltd, is proud to open the doors, to your event, whether digital and/or live attendance. We are more than an event database/ticket service, and we are excited to support you to reach new audiences, globally.

Our brochure is out

Browse our E-brochure below or request an email copy. You will notice the multiple options of marketing and promotional platforms, Oeuvre is offering to you, from the Performing, Creative, Visual and Alternative Arts. Each platform calendar accepts all genres and styles, opening up new works for audiences around the world.

There are no boundaries, and while Oeuvre does produce series for artists to participate in, we have not limited 3rd parties, who wish for a simple ‘showcase’ platform of their own event, without a catch.

No fixed space – great!

We support everyone who are looking to bring a new lease of life to 'Live attendance and Digital' as 'one'. Our team are exceptionally aware, and are specialists in your art form, to advise, if required.

The software we use is able to take your recordings and/or live steaming to broadcast in secure and good Wifi conditions (country and weather permitting). We advise and cross check before anything is uploaded to the public. An audio ‘over dubbing’ service is available, therefore limiting the worry of not having in-sink performances.