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Oeuvre Series: 1st season 2021-2023

Are you looking to be included into co-produced programmes and cutting edge events of a participatory nature?

We have invented and designed a core set of series titles, open to all art forms, with one aim ‘audience participation’. Each are tailored as a partnership between the 'Commercial entertaining and cultural industry 'hand in hand' in outstanding access into the Education, Outreach and Charity sectors

Our Titles:

Each title is designed for an depth of audience demographic, and removes the geographic boundaries, as we are ‘hy-bred in live attendance and digital events as ‘one’.

The number of events, and range of Arts form are flexible, this flexibility is on purpose to allow all creative, performing and alternative art specialists the same access.

What does each series do.

There is a short summary in the e-brochure, with a very broad list of possible roles of Artists appropriate. Please contact to discuss further a particular Oeuvre title, as not all are an appropriate match to your forth-coming tour or artistic programme agenda.

Art forms and Who:

The series brochure attached does lend easily to the performing, creative, expressive and Alternative arts. Open to every classification of company or artist.

· Icon, Superstar, Star, Touring Companies and noted specialists

· Branded Ambassador, Signed Artists

· Professional

· Semi professional

· Emerging Artists

· Family and Age Arts Standards (Network Hub)

· Be Creative (Network Hub)

If you are a visual artist, of a traditional cultural art movement, there is a further e-brochure of series titles coming soon.

If you or your company is registered under the following Companies House codes of operation, please contact us directly, as we re-address and coordinate an appropriate ‘match’. We are exceptionally aware of everyone’s uniqueness and strive in providing a balance and opportunity to everyone, where appropriate.

  • Self Employed

  • Solo Trader

  • Contest/Festival: Limited company

  • Non Profit

  • Charity registered ** Arts

  • NGO Arts Association

  • Examination Bodies (Arts subject focus)

  • Other ** discuss with us

Our Audiences

Oeuvre A Participatory Service Ltd, concentrates in audience participation and explores the tools involving active engagement. Each series title in the e-brochure has an outline with a age demographic table, mapped to audience potential participation, as a ‘high uptake’. This does not mean each are fixed, instead this is a guide, and all projects when marketed have the appropriate audience icons as a general rule.

Every Oeuvre series is inclusive. SEND (Special Education Needs and Disabilities) are for active participation alongside ‘like for like’ artists and buddies.

Arts is a universal language, therefore additional support in removing possible barriers in attendance or understanding, we at Oeuvre do strive to try. Discuss with us for more..

Paid and Project Funded

Yes, in relation to the funding classification with Oeuvre and Everyone's A.. objectives. Though please be aware and discuss with us, your future event themes and concept tours, if eligible to the design of a particular Oeuvre series. We access a range and depth of funding sources, and are members of leading Funding sources.

Please be aware, funding is to ensure the project goes ahead, appropriate to the target audience expected in participation, and the resource to monitor audience engagement over a time scale of 1-4 years with Oeuvre and Everyone’s A.

Although we are not a fundraising body specifically, we will strive to achieve funding for joint ventures.

We are unable to conduct ‘free’ funding outsourcing for you, if you are not using the services of Oeuvre and/or Everyone’s A… naturally we are not an employee of your company/manager and therefore unable to write the appropriate bid to the correct funder, for you to be successful.

We will explain though future blogs and guideline booklets, about each funding body and what we, with you, will be required to be successful.

Next step

Contact us for further information and complete the ‘series of interest’ enquiry form.

As a general rule, we arrange a meeting with you, your manager, the artistic director, programme manager and company director, and together discuss the possible areas of appropriate development.

Email: ** Reference: Series enquiry

Whatsapp: Kirstin Oliver. (+44) 7737130646


Website: Artistic Services.


Please email for a pdf version.

Oeuvre Produced series titles brochure
Download PDF • 4.81MB

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