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Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Concert Pianist: Malaysia.

Who will join him, representing your Country, County, State, Artform & Genre/Style?.

Who is eligible?

This is to critique group/ensemble ‘digitally’. All who apply and are selected are practicing industry professionals.

The Art forms and specialists who are eligible to apply.

  • Musicians ** All Instruments and voices, from Classical - Cultural and Popular/Contemporary Music genres.

  • Circus Company Owners & Act Specialists

  • Dancers and Choreographers

  • Producers and Actors/Actresses

  • Variety Acts

Please contact us for a comprehensive list of sub genres, instrumentation, and career role.

What does a Critique Ambassador do?

Groups leaders select their suitable Ambassador and the type of critique, submitting digitally. In return the Ambassador provides within 7 days a comprehensive critique, complete with live action annotation, written and verbal commentary and demonstrative tips and tools for each member of the group to further flourish.

The group receiver of your critique is added to the Oeuvre Critique Facebook community, for you and other critique Ambassadors to see, as a wider community to share ideas and plot progress.

Paid? Yes.

We ask upon your desired verses aspirational charges for a ‘group’. The cost is listed as per person and varies depending upon the type of company/school status and which level of critique has been requested.

If you are unsure, upon what feels appropriate we do discuss with you, and created a contract of a collective agreement. There are administrative, software, hardware upkeep, resources designed and your training costs. Those charges are added as a % to the price, and not to you.

FAQ and Job application.

Please find attached below further detailed information, and the e-brochures from a group leader and yourself as a artist.

The job application, is open to all professionals, and if you require a word version, and/or further details please contact.

E-brochure example.

Artists to apply Critique Ambassador_compressed
Download PDF • 1.20MB
Critique Ambassador Application Form (Pdf)
Download PDF • 438KB

Critique Ambassador Artist FAQ
Download PDF • 477KB

Critique welcome:

Meet Lee Jae Phang, He is a Critique Ambassador under the department of classical music. He is from Malaysia and is a leading concert pianist, coach, private tutor, contest and festival director and looking forward meet fellow professionals on this unique journey.

School posters:

Please find attached a double poster example of Critique. This will be going as 'blast's to all manners of schools, colleges, community groups and ensembles, ready for semester 1 and everyone's return to 'a new normal' in August/September..

Person Specification

The following is a desired expectation, though training will be provided. This is freelance and it is not intended to replace or clash with your full-time employment and touring programmes.



  • Critically noted achievements and qualifications to coach group/ensembles of your subject area.

  • Outstanding CV/portfolio of professional expertise that is current.

  • Qualification direct to your specialism (instrument, design, act etc)

  • Industry specific 2-4 References in support

  • You are dynamic and enthusiastic to support and mould groups and ensembles

  • You are innovative in demonstrating appropriate tools/tricks to support others.

  • You have a clear spoken and written English. **Multiple languages are acceptable.


  • Knowledge and experience in group/ensemble judging guidelines for Contest, Festival, University and Award ‘entries’

  • Educational confidence in terms and examination bodies expectations, demonstrated from experience in classroom teaching, private tutor, university masterclass residence, arts college ‘artistic in residence’ and/or a coach

  • Dynamic and confident in front of a camera.

  • Competent with computer equipment

  • Online ‘safeguarding’ certification and UK DSB advanced

Submit your interest

Please email us, and we in return will forward you;

  • An application form

  • FAQ about Critique

  • Guideline of expectations

  • List of accepted Career, Instrumentation, Art forms and Sub Genre's

You will be required to submit a mini trailer video of ‘you in action’ and a short annotation/written report.

The full details about this unique opportunities are within the FAQ document, and there are further news coming soon.

Email: ** Reference: Critique Ambassador.

1. Oeuvre A Participatory Service Ltd

2. Critique Ambassador E-brochure.

Oeuvre Produced series titles brochure
Download PDF • 4.81MB

Critique Ambassador Application Form (Pdf)
Download PDF • 438KB

Artists to apply Critique Ambassador_compressed
Download PDF • 1.20MB

Critique Ambassador Artist FAQ
Download PDF • 477KB

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