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 Please note that there maybe additional requirements that are set by the online directory store of purchase.

Painter at Work


  • The prices printed on the sites for purchase and download are set between the seller and Oeuvre A Participatory Service.  

  • No bartering please.

  • Each online directory has a % in Tax of product and goods set by the country of purchase.  These are viewed on the site sales pages.

  • The Administration, shipping and Tax duty is calculated and you will see this in your 'check out' basket.

  • The prices of discounts, sale items and other promotional offers are subject to the artist in which countries and demographic appropriate.   The deadlines are printed on the item.

  • The currency conversion is printed in the notes of the product description.

  • Oeuvre does except a wide selection of global stable currencies.  Please contact the Box Office for a current list.

  • Methods of payment are listed and no item is sent without processing of full payment in advance.

  • Oeuvre is connected to e-commerce  to process and provide a secure online payment service.  This includes connection to leading banks and Interpol prevention of fraud.

  • Transactions are linked to the name on the payment card and bank of registration.  A processing email and contact number is requested.  This is for Box Office staff to process your order only. 

  • No child (under 18) is to buy on behalf of others without a 'guardianship proof of permission (Younger carer)

Music Apps


  • Oeuvre ticket service has per art form a range of downloading options for Audio and Visual programming.

  • Prices for a single track, scene, tour, interview and exhibit demonstration is set by the company with Oeuvre.

  • The choice of download  format is provided and depends upon the art form (MP3, MP4, HD, jpeg, PNG)

  • A email confirmation is sent in receipt of payment and purchase from Oeuvre.

  • The timescale of you being able to access your download of purchase is printed on the event description in advance.

  • The appropriate royalty, artist goods tax are printed in the 'check out' basket.  This is not optional. 

  • Payment methods are printed in the advert and all downloads are processed once full payment has been cleared.

  • Your payment is to country of residence, please check  with your bank and follow the online e-commerce banks transfer.

Online Shopping


  •  The online stores of each site connected to Oeuvre and Everyone's A.. has an in-built tracking system. 

  • The tracking is through your purchase email account and all items are sent to the billing address unless informed otherwise.

  • The length of time a product can arrive depends upon what is ordered, where from and proof of payment clearance.

  • Notices of delays are informed in advance and do not affect your payment.

  • Each step from confirmation, processing, dispatch to arrival is communicated to you

  • An error in ordering? Please contact the Box Office as soon as possible.


A Woman Writing by the Window


  • Email feedback of product service with an option of thanks to the artist will be sent.  This is a unique twist of Oeuvre and Everyone's build a community between the artist to the buyer.

  • If upon opening an item ordered the has box has been damaged or lost in transit, please inform the Oeuvre Box Office .  Complete an order information form and attach screenshots (whatsApps images) of all sides with a date.

  • If a download appears through email and  has any of the following errors (jumping, stops, unopenable or corrupted) please contact the Oeuvre Box Office.

  • Each case is reviewed individually and you will receive a chosen form of contact (email, letter or call) by a member of the Oeuvre Box Office Team. 

  • Terms of Return's are subject to product ordered and are stated in the description when purchasing.

  • Repeat orders and item suggestions are controlled by the online store directory where ordered. 

  • Oeuvre does operate its own request form  for unique items and offers feedback of satisfaction following delivery is sent to the artist.

At the Office


  •  Contact the Oeuvre Box Office for all your questions and concerns on product sales, or your current or future order.

  • If you would like further online service you can send  a 'chat message', email or call us.

  • Please be aware of the office hours of HQ in the UK. 

  • International calls are subject to charges.

  • The online platforms are 24 hours and the mission of Oeuvre is to respond as soon as possible.

  • Further guidelines are online under Box Office and are sent via email in pdf

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